What helps speed up digestion: Three tricks to know


What Helps Digestion


Digestion is an important part of our overall health. Without good digestion, you may feel bloated, you may have trouble going to the restroom, and you could even become malnourished. Other signs of slow digestion include constipation, irregular bowel movements and heartburn. Slow digestion can be frustrating, but with the right guidance from a digestive health specialist, you can get your digestion back on track. Below are several tricks that you can use to help speed up digestion.

What are three tricks that can help you speed up your digestion?

  • Take probiotic supplements — Foods that are full of good bacteria are always a great way to speed up digestion by maintaining gut health, but if you don’t get enough probiotics through your food intake, it might be a good idea to try a probiotic supplement. There are a variety of supplements that can improve gut health, as suggested by clinical studies. 
  • Consume lots of bone broth — Bone broth is one of those liquids that can be quickly digested through the digestive system while also providing a myriad of nutrients and electrolytes, making it an optimal way to speed up digestion. It is a great way to keep hydrated while also providing your body with a ton of minerals and vitamins.
  • Try drinking certain types of tea — Another trick that helps with digestion is trying certain types of teas. Fennel tea is a known laxative, which makes going to the bathroom easier. Another type of tea that helps get your system moving is dandelion tea.

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