The Benefits of Water for Digestion

Digestion is a process that, when running smoothly, can help keep the rest of your body in good condition too. It’s an important component of your overall health. There are several different ways that the digestive system can be well maintained, and this can be helped with proper diet and exercise. What some people may not realize is that proper hydration can also improve the digestive process. To learn more about how water helps digestion, keep reading below.

In what ways can water be helpful during the digestion process?

  • Helps break down food after meals — One of the benefits of drinking water with your meals is that it can help digestion by breaking down your food more quickly. Water helps your digestive fluids in breaking down food so that its nutrients can be absorbed by the body and then the rest pushed out of the body.
  • Softens the stool — When there is enough water in the gut, stool can become softened and can be easier to pass. It can also stimulate the bowel to move through the intestines. Harder stools can sometimes be a result of not enough water inside the body. 
  • Helps you to digest fiber — An added benefit is that water can help you digest food that is high in soluble fiber. Interestingly enough, soluble fiber turns to gel when combined with enough water during the digestive process. If you regularly eat fibrous foods, be sure to drink plenty of water too!

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