Partha S. Nandi, MD FACP

PARTHA S. NANDI, MD FACP is American Board of Internal Medicine certified in Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine. He performed his undergraduate studies at Ohio State University, where he graduated summa cum laude. Dr. Nandi obtained his medical degree at Wayne State University, where he graduated with distinction. He also completed his Internal Medicine residency at Wayne State University. His three-year Gastroenterology fellowship was completed at the University of Michigan. Dr. Nandi has a special interest in therapeutic endoscopy and endoscopic ultrasound. He is the author of several peer reviewed publications and lectures residents and fellow physicians regarding topics in gastroenterology and hepatology. Dr. Nandi performs all diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures. He is a member of the American Medical Association, the American College of Gastroenterology, the American Gastroenterology Association and the American Society of Gastroenterological Endoscopy. Dr. Nandi is on staff at William Beaumont Hospital in Troy.

What our patients are saying:

Kim V.Kim V. ★★★★★ I'm there every three months. Dr. Nandi and the staff are awesome. Highly recommended.Marsha J.Marsha J. ★★★★★ It was going to take me 3 months to see the doctor I had in the hospital, I was able to have a tele-call with Dr Nandi he was very concerned and made an appointment within 10 days to do a scope and found out what my problem was he was very nice and efficient.Russ R.Russ R. ★★★★★ I spoke with Justina early in the afternoon and updated my history and medications. When I spoke with Dr Nandi later it was clear he had reviewed that information and considered it when deciding next steps. There was no time wasted repeating things. Dr Nandi was aware of all of my previous procedures and problems and addressed everything. Could not be happier with the encounter.BradBrad ★★★★★ Absolutely made it comfortable & very experienced staff fast & efficient..& Dr Nandi is the best made it easy to understand without Dr language..Chris P.Chris P. ★★★★★ Dr Nandi is greatSecret Card M.Secret Card M. ★★★★★ Dr Nandi, Kristina & Paige are the nicest medical team who made me feel so very comfortable & relaxed throughout my whole procedure! I highly recommend their sincere kindness & compassion in taking care of me while I was at their office.Dr Nandi is ultimately the most caring professional that I ever met!js_loader

Hi everyone. I’m Dr. Partha Nandi. I am a gastroenterologist and hepatologist here at the Center for Digestive Health. I’ll tell you I love my job and I’ll tell you my journey began when I was six years of age. I nearly died from a disease you may have heard of. It’s called rheumatic heart disease. Because of a great physician and my family, I was able to survive and live to talk about it today. That experience made me think, you know what? I want to be one of those individuals. I want to be like that doctor who helped me to really change my life. That compelled me to say, “I want to be in this field.” Along with the fact, my mom gave you so many stories about my grandpa who was a brilliant physician in Calcutta. That led me to really pursue medicine. I went to the Ohio State University and Wayne State University and University of Michigan to train to be a gastroenterologist.

Most of the symptoms that I’ve experienced in my life and many of my family and friends have to do with the digestive system. So nausea, vomiting, abdominal bloating, pain, diarrhea, liver problems, pancreas. It’s really amazing the things we can do and all the tools that we have to help you. To me, it’s really about a combination. I call it the best of the East and the best of the West. Now what does that mean? Maybe we have a lot of medications, lots of procedures that we can do, but I always say it starts with a great diet plan, a great lifestyle to really compliment our procedures in medicine. Because alone, just medicine and procedures will not be enough. It really takes a whole team approach where the patient, their family, and all of us at our team can really, really help to make your life better. We’d love to have you and your family come by and I promise we will take great care of you. We’ll keep you safe, we’ll make sure that all your questions are answered. I hope to see you very soon in the Center for Digestive Health.