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Our HOT LIST of good foods for digestion

Image result for leafy greensEating right for your digestive health doesn’t have to be a crazy health-food-store-expensive-ingredient journey. You probably have a lot of the foods that can help digestion and are also good for folks struggling with different forms of IBD.

Here’s our HOT LIST of foods that are great for your gut and not super fussy.

Good Fats


This creamy goodness comes equipped with soluble fiber, which is much easier on your digestive tract than the insoluble stuff. And, once they’re ripe, they’re easy to prepare. Simply cut in have, twist out the core, and scoop into your dish.

Add some salt, garlic powder and black pepper, then mash together for a quick guacamole spread for sandwiches. Or scoop it into your blender, and add some lemon juice or vinegar, your favorite seasonings and herbs, and some Greek yogurt for a creamy green goddess dressing.

Smooth Nut Butters

The crunchy stuff can irritate your bowels if you struggle with Crohn’s, diverticulitis or other similar issues. The smooth stuff offers just the same amount of good fats, protein and fiber, but allows your body to do less work.

Add almond butter to a smoothie with blueberries, spinach and almond milk. Or dip carrots into peanut butter for a crunchy afternoon snack. Cashew butter works as a butter substitute if you’re in the mood for some baked good.


This healthy-fat fish is a fan favorite. The oils are great for everything from your lower tract to your skin. Add some salt, brown sugar and pineapple and roast in tinfoil for a sweet and salty dinner. If fish isn’t your forte, order the salmon next time you’re out to eat, and let someone else do the cookin’.

Soft Leafy Greens


Popeye’s favorite green is such for a reason. It’s loaded with vitamins, and the leaves aren’t as tough on your gut as kale or the tougher greens are. Spinach is a great vehicle for flavor. Saute a bag in a bit of olive oil with salt and fresh garlic for a super simple side dish. Add it to your smoothie since the flavor and texture will blend right in. Or add a handful to your next salad.


Arugula is a really flavorful green that’s got a peppery bite that’s a wonderful addition to most dishes. Throw a handful into a pita pocket with some tuna fish, onion and Greek yogurt for an easy lunch. Or stir this into some warm rice and add olives, diced bell peppers and crumbled feta.


This super food has been named the most nutritious of all the greens. It’s a delicate and soft leaf that won’t irritate your stomach, and mixes in with any salad recipe you can think of. Same goes for smoothies – add some watercress with strawberries, peanut butter and coconut milk for a yummy breakfast or afternoon snack. And watercress goes well with your favorite veggies, diced and dressed the way you like. Add some salmon for a well-balanced meal.


Gut check: How’s your tummy?

Your tummy your health.

When you take steps toward a healthier lifestyle, your tummy will benefit.

Now that 2016 is off to a start, we wanted to check in on your digestive health. When you make a resolution to get healthy – drink more water, exercise more, eat better – that will definitely help any tummy troubles you might have.

Dairy Days

Dairy can be a culprit when you have stomach problems. More than half of adults deal with some degree of lactose intolerance. If you’re phasing out the dairy, both your waist line and your digestion will benefit.

Last year, we talked to Dr. Abadir about dairy and digestion. “Lactose,” says Dr. Abadir, “unlike other sugars like glucose, cannot be absorbed by our intestines in its original form.” Which can lead to all sorts of problems like gas, bloating and diarrhea. Cutting out dairy and finding your calcium from plant-based sources like broccoli, almonds and oranges, can lead to better digestion and possibly a few fewer pounds!

The Right Stuff

You really are what you eat. Getting the right nutrients through lots of plant-based sources of a variety of colors is so important. When we looked around for some recipes that ease digestion, we found some really common stuff like pears and salad can make a difference. Then we went on a hunt for some easy recipes that can help your tummy and came up with beans, blueberries and sweet potatoes. These foods don’t have to be complicated or made precisely like the recipes says. We give tips for each!

Then, there’s our favorite digestive food superstar, ginger. This knobby root has been used to ease stomach issues for centuries, and it’s especially great for folks who avoid medications or supplements. It’s versatile enough to put in soup, stir fry and dressing.

Screening Saves

Beyond doing your best to eat well and exercise, getting screened is the most important thing you can do. March is Colon Cancer Awareness each year, when the Colon Cancer Alliance pushes for people to get screened.

Colon cancer is common in both men and women, especially when you have family history. If you’re over 40, shoot for 2016 as your time for a screening.

Tell Me More

Do you have a tip or a trick that you do you do that really helps your digestion? Share it with us! We’d love to hear what really works for you.