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Three simple ways to drink more water

Water is vital to digestion so we found some ways to make it easier to drink.

Water is vital to digestion so we found some ways to make it easier to drink.

Water is essential to digestion. Even if you eat enough fiber, without ample water, things won’t properly move through your digestive system.

ButĀ if you’re one of those people who finds it hard to sip all day, it can be a challenge to stay hydrated. So we compiled a list of a few simple ways you can get more water throughout your day.

Add some spice

When you cook, add some chili powder to your recipe, or garnish your meal with some red pepper flakes or a dash of hot sauce. When the heat builds, you’ll have the urge to drink more water.

Plus, spicy foods have other health benefits, such as weight loss, lower blood pressure and even cancer prevention.

Flavor it yourself

Lots of fruits and vegetables flavor water really nicely, and there are lots of great flavor combinations you can make. Tomato and basil; pineapple, mint and ginger; cucumber and strawberry; raspberry and orange. Pick your flavor combination, dice your produce into cubes or slices and drop them in. You can leave them overnight for extra flavor or plop as you go.

Set a reminder

Reminders are a very effective way to keep you on track. Set a time that makes sense for you with a goal for each moment. If you work on a computer, you can set reminders on your email to go off each hour, with a specific amount of water you’ll have to drink. It could be as little as 2 ounces just to keep you on track.