Is it worth it to see a GI doctor for a colonoscopy?

Colonoscopies are integral procedures that can play a part in saving someone’s life. They should be performed on older adults every few years as part of a gastrointestinal health routine. If you’re unfamiliar with what exactly a colonoscopy is, it is a type of medical procedure that is conducted by a gastrointestinal specialist. These specialists use a long flexible tube with a video camera attached that goes through the anus and into the colon to inspect the condition of the colon. If you’re not sure why you should be visiting a GI doctor for your colonoscopy, let the bullet list below be a useful outline of the main benefits.

Why is seeing a GI doctor for a colonoscopy something that’s worthwhile?

  • Detecting possible cancer — One of the primary reasons to see a GI doctor for a colonoscopy is because they can almost immediately detect the presence of cancerous polyps during the procedure. At-home colonoscopy testing isn’t as efficient at detecting cancer, which is why seeing a GI doctor for a colonoscopy is certainly more worthwhile.
  • Allowing for immediate treatment— Another benefit of seeing a gastrointestinal specialist is the immediate removal of any cancerous or precancerous polyps that may be found during the procedure.
  • Preventive care — In-office colon procedures are beneficial because they are an effective form of preventive care. Getting regular colonoscopies from a gastrointestinal specialist can help prevent progressive cancer or another potentially harmful disease.

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