How to speed up digestion when you feel bloated

Bloating is a physical sensation that may feel tight, uncomfortable, and even painful around your stomach. It’s typically caused by a buildup of gas inside the abdomen. However, it can also be caused by food intolerance, gut sensitivities, bacterial overgrowths and even issues with reproductive organs. However, bloating is most often known to be an indication that you’re not properly digesting food. If you’ve become bloated and you’re hoping to speed up your digestion so that your bloating can go down, here are some methods that may help you out. Keep reading below to learn more about what affects digestion and bloating.

What are some ways you can speed up digestion when you’re feeling bloated?

  • Drink more water — Drinking plenty of water is one great way to help speed up your digestion when you’re feeling bloated. Water can help stimulate the muscles in the intestines and soften the stool, making stool easier to pass during bowel movements.
  • Get in some exercise — Getting exercise is a great way to speed up digestion if you’re feeling bloated. Not only can it get stool moving through the intestines faster, but it can also work out the uncomfortable gas that has built up in your gut.
  • Eat fiber-filled foods — Another way you can speed up your digestion when you feel bloated is to eat foods that are fiber-rich. Fiber is known to help solidify and soften stool, making it easier to pass during bowel movements.

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